Vitamin B 2

Already in the 90’s, the work group of Jean Shoenen from Belgium described that high doses of Riboflavin, a B-vitamin, can have a similar effectiveness in the prophylaxis of a migraine attack as beta blockers.

In the study, 50 migraine patients were examined. They received vitamin B2 and folic acid for 6 months. The authors were able to demonstrate a distinct improvement in the frequency of the attacks, the severity of the pain and the accompanying symptoms of the migraine attacks.

Earlier studies showed that a specific gene named MYTHFR, which makes people more sensitive for migraine attacks, causes higher blood levels of the amino acid homocysteine.

The author of the study, Prof. Lyn Griffiths, explained that the study was based on the assumption that vitamin B2 and folic acid reduce the high levels of homocysteine and this reduces the severity of the migraine attacks.

The results indicate that this well-tolerated, safe and cheap method of therapy could be useful in migraine prophylaxis. However, the results still have to be confirmed and evaluated in further studies.