Types of headache

Migraine and tension-type headaches are the most common types of headaches, however they must be treated differently to achieve an optimal therapeutic effect which is why every patient should know which type of headache they have. Migraine and tension-type headache are responsible for 92% of all headaches. The probability of having one of these two types is therefore very high! The most common complication of a wrong headache therapy is medication overuse headache. Finally, the cluster headache is a very severe primary headache disorder which must be recognized quickly. You can determine your headaches type yourself using the rapid headache test. Other diagnostic questionnaires and checklists can be found on the homepage of the Kiel Headache and Pain Center.

The headaches characteristics used for diagnosis if they have not yet been treated or if treatment has been unsuccessful. Since treatment should be started quickly, migraine app can’t differentiate between headaches. However you yourself can enter the presumed type of headache directly, based on your experience, i.e. whether the attack is a migraine attack, tension-type headache or whether you are unsure. If you don’t enter anything here, migraine app will perform an optional classification using the description of your other symptoms. This is not a diagnosis, only a pointer towards a possible type of headache.