A pain clinic with specialization in neurological pain disorders, migraine and headache disorders is an institution for targeted diagnosis and treatment of headache disorders. Pain patients here are not treated on the side. Rather in a pain clinic, you can concentrate exclusively on chronic pain disorders and all modern ways of treatment are available especially focused on pain patients.

Typically, specialized clinics are managed by a multidisciplinary team of neurologists, psychiatrists, psychologists and other medical professionals. Neurologically behavioral pain clinics are specialized on the diagnosis and treatment of severe and recurring headache disorders. The treatment in a pain clinic can be necessary for several reasons:

– The diagnosis made by a non-specialized doctor remains doubtful

– The treatment of the headache disorder is unsatisfactory or is accompanied by distinct side effects

– The headache induced obstruction is still distinct despite the treatment of non-specialists

– A constant daily headache exists with wrong medication especially because of medication overuse

– Additional disorder complicate the treatment

– Additional psychological and social disorders make the treatment more difficult

Luckily, new developments which recognize the significance of pain disorders exist. The Schmerzklinik Kiel can be used as an example to illustrate them:

The Schmerzklinik Kiel was founded in 1997 as a scientific model project and pursued new ways in pain therapy with the start of patient. The treatment was focused on chronically neurological pain disorders, especially migraine and headache disorders, pain disorders of the muscles and the musculoskeletal system, pain from disorders of the peripheral and central nerve system and pain resulting from accidents and nerve damage. The goal is to give the complete worldwide knowledge of the treatment of chronic which is available directly to the patient and thus take the highly specialized issues of the people with chronic pain into consideration. Additionally, the focus is on the study of neurological pain disorders, migraine and other headache disorders, to improve future treatment.

A year-long independent scientific accompanied study of the AOK-SH and the society for system analysis in the health care sector confirmed the pain is lastingly reduced with the concept of treatment of the Schmerzklinik Kiel- Patients can then take up their social and professional lives again. At the same time, direct and indirect costs of chronic pain disorders can be clearly decreased. Over the last 10 years, our clinic team has treated more than 10,000 in-patient and over 50,000 out-patient. More than 70 % of all treated patients came from all over Germany and foreign countries.

The concept of the Schmerzklinik Kiel has created modern developments in medicine, especially the integrated care. Integrated care means that the treatment is not limited by specialized areas of expertise. Also, the separation of in-patient and out-patient treatment dissolve. Experts of different medical fields work together to treat patients with modern scientific methods. The in-patient and out-patient treatment is closely coordinated.

The network of treatment which was founded by the Techniker Krankenkasse in 2007 takes the experiences up and uses them nationwide. An extensive coordinated care network was created for the first time to improve the quality of care nationwide. The Schmerzklinik Kiel takes over the nationwide coordination of the network, the extensive information of the patients, the further training and the exchange of experiences of the therapists.

A coordinated care is realized nationwide with the AOK-SH. Further, numerous regional and nationwide insurance companies use these innovative care concepts for their clients. With the realization concept, the Schmerzklinik Kiel provides a coordinated out-patient and in-patient neurologically behavioral treatment especially focused on patients with chronic pain. The staff of the Schmerzklinik Kiel are specialists from different medical and psychological fields of expertise. They only concentrate on the needs of patients with chronic pain and make new scientific developments immediately available for treatment.

More information and a geographic nationwide search function for headache experts are available under the following address:

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